About me

I’m Jerry, a random dude on the Internet who apparently likes tech stuff!

I also like games, music, linguistics, drawing (though horrible), and enjoy exploring things in general.

I speak Vietnamese and English fluently, also learning Russian and Japanese. As to why these two, I’m influenced a lot by the two cultures. Japanese is with me as I grow up. I enjoyed Japanese comics and songs as a kid and still do to this day. For Russian, my family did quite a lot of business with Russians, and they introduced a load of things to me.

Btw, I used to volunteer to localize apps/sites! Notable projects include Telegram, Minecraft (Bedrock), Space Launch Now, etc. All were translating from English to Vietnamese.

My favorite game is Minecraft and Among Us. I do have both Java and Bedrock, though usually, I won’t be able to play on Java because it lags a lot.

My first PC is a custom-built one in 2012 running Windows 7 (and still is the one I’m using to this day, it is now dual-booting Linux Mint and Windows 10. Somehow it’s working smoothly when I’m not gaming.)

Feel free to contact me, here are my socials!